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The questions:
  1. Your nickname: farra ..
  2. Do you wish you had another name? If yes, what is it?: No , i like my name..
  3. Your girl best friend: yuni ..
  4. Your guy best friend:shafiq ..
  5. Your favourite food: Nasi ayam n chicken chop n my mom cooks ..
  6. Your favourite drink:Fresh oren n teh o ais..
  7. The one thing you always bring everywhere you go: My phone N my wallet ..
  8. Your current favourite song: face by nu'est ..
  9. Your favourite singer: Justin bieber ..
  10. Your birthday: __ January 97 ..
  11. The last person you texted or texted you: My bf ..
  12. What does the text say? Saye syg awak ..
  13. Someone you wish to see right now: My bf ..
  14. Someone you want to apologize to: Everyone..
  15. Someone you miss: My granny,kazen n my bf ..
  16. What time did you wake up this morning?: 7 am..
  17. How great your life is in 2012 so far?: just great ..
  18. Do you have a pet? If yes what is it and what is the weirdest thing it has ever done?: ada , ikan saye .saye akan tanye jika dorang nak makan n dorang akan angguk ..
  19. Where would you have your honeymoon?: Bali n Hawaii ..
  20. Do you regret anything from your past? yes ..
  21. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? invisible ..
  22. What is your status? (Single/Taken/Married/Divorced?What?): Taken ..
  23. Are you in love? If yes, have you told the person how you feel?: yes ..
  24. The thing you hate the most: Cockroach ..
  25. The type of people you hate the most: lazer mouth and selfish ..
  26. The last gift a person gave you: A pink bear ..
  27. What is your favourite color?: Blue , purple ,white n black ..
  28. Would you take your ex back?: if there some reason ..
  29. Something you can't live without:  my phone..
  30. Do you like this segment?: yes ..

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dieba khairuddin said...

hai...saya dari segment yang sama datang berkunjung ke blog anda